Signum is a modular designed system made from universal and special veneering composites, colouring kits, tools and accessories resulting from Kulzer research.

Each component of the Signum system is highly developed and specialised for its own range of application. And each individual component has been perfectly matched for interaction with the other Signum components, respectively. Enjoy the security of perfect restorations!


A Signum Rendszer

Signum cre-active
Stains for characterisazion, e.g for fissure contrast, white striation, and a whole lot more

Signum matrix
Flowable consistency for thin sections in the margin or incisal area with light optic properties
Signum composite, Signum composite flow
Vázanyagok leplezésére
Signum ceramis
Vázanyag nélküli restaurációkhoz
(inlay, onlay, overlay, kompozit korona)
Signum accessories
Bonding agent for all materials, polishing and finishing tools, polishing pastes, insulation, light curing units, etc..

The Project

Description of the project

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Call to action

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